2019 AIA award winner… LIGHTGLASS

This revolutionary product transforms windowless spaces into prime real estate. The clarity of light and architectural details brings the joy of light into basements, interior offices, exam rooms… anywhere the sun can’t shine Lightglass does!

Forms + function…. Luxxbox

Who knew the sound of silence could be so enlightening! Luxxbox is a leader in architectural acoustical forms, with a wide variety of styles, shapes and fun colors. These aren’t just pretty.. they function as true specification-grade luminaires.

Squero Family by Lumenwerx

This series is the master of adaption!... the mix & match components allow for flexibility, creativeness, and amazing illumination. Optical choices and performance quality make it a prime consideration when working in some of today’s challenging building standards.

Styles that can’t be overlooked – Vibia Lighting

Vibia’s outdoor family of luminaires are amazingly dimensional and can add ambience, and texture to both indoor and outdoor spaces. WIND is a beautiful woven pendant of dynamic proportions that will elevate any décor.

Designing for the future… Estiluz lighting

REVOLTA by Estiluz is a modern form of luminaires that can stand-alone or interact with one another. Choose from simple open forms or add acoustical properties… including your own COM fabrics for a touch of flair.

Industriale Series by Pathway

Old world meets performance in these stylized industrial pendants. Features include: high lumen packages, 20+ on-trend colors, three gloss options.. all at budget friendly pricing.

Snap & Play – QUAD Tbar by Aron

Why center on a tile when you can snap to an intersection and play with geometric patterns? The New Quad system of downlights sits on grid intersections with single, dual, triple or quad configurations. High performance and budget-oriented.

Eaton WaveLinX System

WaveLinx wireless Connected Lighting Systems has the most out-of-the-box functionality on the market for both indoor and outdoor control applications. Code-compliant, cost-effective and IoT value-added devices.