Connected lighting solutions

Energy efficiency doesn’t just save money, it creates intuitive environments for those that use them.  Find out why many engineers and local developers seek out Eaton Greengate controls to give their properties a competitive advantage utilizing smart devices.

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Control your energy output

We design all scales of lighting control systems to reduce carbon foot-prints, curtail energy use and reduce operating costs. Methods of control include occupancy sensors, relay panels, wall-box dimmers, wireless devices, room controls, BAS-integration and more.

Devices & Network Systems

Full system integrated packages tying complete lighting packages with a full scope of intelligent devices (sensors to campus BAC connected systems). Integration, design and system start-up for full-design build situations available.

Architectural Dimming

Architectural dimming not only provides enhanced control, but also allows for customized and versatile lighting scenes. Devices range from simple wall-box dimmers to fully engineered theatrical systems.

Energy Management

Our broad range of occ sensors, current limiters, relay panels, and sub-metering panels help reduce operating cost, prolong fixture life, track usage and insure facilities are running optimally at all time.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless devices provide optimum flexibility when dealing with existing conditions, and quite simple to install in new construction. These are also ideal for spaces that are flexible or need to be re-configured in the future.


Automatic backup power is required for emergency egress lighting in both commercial interior and exterior applications. We carry a broad range of inverters for loads ranging from 100 watts to 50 KW (3-phase).

Control from anywhere

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